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Dear all,

this is once again the list of all course packages up to number 5 – the one for this week – with their corresponding passwords: [enjoy], [drama], [lola], [node], [nolan].

There is an assignment attached to package number 5. Please deliver your solution within the next three weeks (deadline 25. November 2018).

I was highly satisfied with the input of Lucian, Carmen and Alexandra while teaching in Cluj. I wish to recognize their creative work in Cluj as a substitute for the current assignment, awarding their work with the full 100 points. The three do not need to deliver this week’s assignment.


How EVA operates?

EVA operates on the basis of effective mutual recognition of academic achievements between European universities. The platform has implemented the European Credit Transfer System (ECTS) as a commonly agreed means of assessment, thus raising the transparency of the study programmes.


The basic idea behind EVA is to facilitate the development and exchange of best practices in education and training as well as to boost the knowledge transfer among universities and teaching institutions within Europe and beyond.